Whether you’re already a committed cruelty-free food lover, or someone who is dipping their toes into the world of vegan consuming (it is ‘Veganuary’, after all), there’s no doubt that London has lots of amazing vegan dining alternatives … and that number is just growing. From classic London vegan dining establishments, to mouth-watering vegan breakfast places in London, you’re definitely spoilt for option when it pertains to fresh and scrumptious food in the capital.

Veganism is absolutely having its moment in the sun today. A combination of prominent projects, celeb recommendations for an animal product-free lifestyle, and the indisputable truth that vegan food is healthy, tasty, and the perfect way to display terrific active ingredients has made it the foodie movement of the moment. The old cliches of vegans being rather on the, well, extreme side of the social spectrum have long because been broken down, and as all of us end up being a bit more health-conscious and environmentally conscious, vegan restaurants in London have taken off in a huge method.

But which vegan food joints in the city have what it takes to hack it? We decided to reach out to a few of our meat-and-dairy-free friends, blog writers, and contacts, and collect their top suggestions for consuming out with a conscience. We marvelled and pleased by the variety of choices out there, and there’s no rejecting that the restaurants on our list are absolutely not just for those following the lifestyle. With incredible flavours, wonderful meals, and colourful, cooled, and enjoyable vibes all round, it’s hard to see how even the most dedicated carnivore might resist these vegan restaurants in London!

Have a look at our choice listed below, and begin preparing your next plant-based foray into London’s ever-evolving and ever-fascinating food scene. Forks ready …!

Mildreds, Various Locations

No list of vegan dining establishments in London would be complete without Mildreds sitting right at the top. This plant-based organization has been moving mindsets and serving up unbelievable meals for nearly thirty years in the heart of open-minded Soho, and its lots of fans and effective credibility has seen the independent restaurant present branches in 3 other London places.

Ask any London vegan, and they’ll inform you that if you’re trying to find vegan food that shows– beyond any shadow of a doubt– that cruelty-free food is anything however boring, then Mildreds is the place to go. While not strictly a vegan dining establishment (they serve some vegetarian fare, including their much-loved halloumi hamburgers, and a number of responsibly sourced chicken meals), there’s a strong leaning towards the pattern. Undoubtedly, their vegan brunch menu is the stuff of legend.

If you’re going to try one dish: go for their Sri Lankan vegan curry. Made with sweet potato, cashew nuts, and green beans, it’s a party in your mouth you won’t forget in a rush!

222 Veggie Vegan

When we were asking around for top vegan restaurants in London for a lazy, social lunch, 222 Veggie Vegan in West Kensington was the one all our contacts insisted made it onto the list. Why? Due to the fact that for a tenner, you can enjoy their all-you-can-eat vegan lunch buffet, which promises to fill your tummy with healthier thrills than you can shake a locally-sourced, ethically collected stick at.

With a properly pan-global menu, taking in meals from West Africa, South Asia, the Mediterranean and beyond, 222 Vegetable Vegan is on an objective to introduce you to the very best vegan food the world has to offer. What’s more, everything is low-salt and low-fat … suggesting you can eat your fill, and feel great about it afterwards.

If you’re going to attempt one dish: try the Seitan stroganoff. It’s an innovative use of the most popular vegan active ingredient around right now, and a dazzling reimagining of a hearty supper party classic.

Wulf & & Lamb, Chelsea While the name

of this restaurant might not sound so vegan-friendly initially, it comes from the dining establishment’s slogan: ‘run with the wolves, eat with the lambs’– so that’s all right, then. Achingly stylish and bring in the cool Chelsea crowd with its trendy interiors and friendly, laid back service, this vegan restaurant has developed up a powerful track record on the back of it being one of the best vegan breakfast locations in London.

Utilizing responsibly sourced and local ingredients, and making sure every dish is designed to reveal off the pure, natural flavours that they need to use, Wulf & & Lamb is a real reward for the senses. From their awe-inspiring breakfasts, to hearty mains, and delicious desserts (seriously, their mango and enthusiasm fruit ‘cheesecake’ is to crave), this is certainly one for your must-visit list in Veganuary and beyond!

If you’re going to try one meal: It’s got ta be the Wulf Pie. Pulled jackfruit, stewed lentils, a lot of delicate spicing, and topped with mashed potato. What’s not to love?

Mooshies, Shoreditch If you have the ability to walk down Brick Lane without being lured into one of the myriad delicious-smelling curry houses, it’s fair to state you’re made of stronger stuff than most of us. However, do so and you’re in for a meatless reward– the brilliant and ingenious Mooshies, a vegan hamburger joint that’s showing that cruelty-free fast food is here, and it’s here to stay.

The great thing about Mooshies is that it’s the perfect intro for anybody stepping into the vegan scene for the first time. Why? Merely since by ordering one of their hearty, scrumptious burgers, and by loading up on sides and fries, you’ll rapidly realise that you’re not missing out on the meat. At all. You’ll be left wondering why you didn’t provide it up faster.

If you’re going to try one meal: While everything on the menu is as tempting as can be, the ‘Fillet-Om-Phish’ is difficult to withstand. Panko-fried aubergine, tartar sauce, lettuce, seaweed, and vegan cheese, squashed into a tasty hamburger bun. ‘Nuff stated.

Genesis, Spitalfields

As you step into Genesis’ classy, trendy, millennial pink dining space, there’s no avoiding the truth that you’re slap-bang in the heart of London’s trendiest quarter. Nevertheless, when the vegan food available is this good, you’ll quickly forgive the restaurant’s lots of hipster peculiarities as you dig right into the global fare on the menu.

Genesis is all about exploring the dishes of the world, and recreating them in manner ins which the meat-free citizens of London make sure to lap up … and kid, do they do it well. With Middle-Eastern market food rubbing shoulders with American diner dishes, and Thai classics satisfying Italian favourites, there’s truly something for everybody here. What’s more, it has to do with as Insta-friendly as London dining gets in 2019, so make sure to charge your mobile phone prior to leaving your house.

If you’re going to try one dish: Who does not enjoy a shawarma? If you have actually just ever devoured on a doner after hitting the bar with your mates, it’s time to check out the possibilities of this wonderful meal … just without the weirdly confidential grey meat. Trust us, Genesis have split this one!

While we were chatting to our vegan good friends in order to get leading suggestions for this blog site, we also got discussing the meat-based foods we ‘d miss were we to provide up entirely. Possibly unsurprisingly for Londoners, pies were pretty high on the list. Think what? Those adventurous vegans had the response, and it came in the shape of Young Vegans, a plant-based pie store in the heart of Camden Town.

Packed loaded with flavour, and framed in remarkably buttery pastry (considered that, certainly, no butter is included), the pies available at Young Vegans Pie Store are a British reward that truly satisfies. Slathered in gravy, sat on a bed of mash and minted peas, they’re absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful alternative for a healthy(ish) lunch on the go when browsing the markets. Hats off!

If you’re going to try one meal: Young Vegans has a terrific variety of exotic-sounding pies, but we’re suckers for the classics. The vegan steak and ale pie truly does satisfy each time.

By Chloe, Covent Garden and City

London has no lack of American restaurant imports, but By Chloe– now set up and buzzing in Covent Garden and Tower Bridge– is one which has been invited with open arms by the vegan neighborhood. Enormously hyped (and completely deserving of it), By Chloe has brought a slick, effective, and thoroughly appealing dynamic to the city’s meat-free and plant-based food scene, and tucking into their vibrant meals and delicious morsels is never ever anything however an outright satisfaction.

While a great deal of the food on the By Chloe menu is heavily influenced by the dining establishment chain’s US roots, they have actually impressed locals with vegan twists on British classics, too. Fish and chips and shepherd’s pie have actually been offered a vegan transformation, and we’re all for this particular American intrusion!

If you’re going to attempt one meal: It’s a difficult option, however we ‘d state the vegan breakfast and brunch alternatives at By Chloe swing it each time. Scrambled tofu, vegetable sausages and chorizo, greens and toast– get in my belly!

The Vurger Co, Shoreditch

Vegan burgers seem to be the primary option for meat-free connoisseurs in London, shown by the reality that The Vurger Co has finally found a solid base in Shoreditch (after being a pop-up for many years), and the queue is out the door every day. Utilizing ingenious methods and a variety of amazing active ingredients, these burgers are filling, tasty, and sure to tick all the right boxes.

No hamburger joint would be complete without a prolonged list of scrumptious sides, and it’s in this regard that The Vurger Co truly come into their own. Select from vegan mac ‘n’ cheese, dirty french fries, flawless onion rings, a list of appealing ‘mylkshakes’ and more, and you’ll be one pleased eater, we assure you!

If you’re going to try one meal: The Holy Habanero measures up to its name, and provides a divinely deep spice profile, while hitting the high notes with texture and general deliciousness.

Well, there you have it– eight superb vegan restaurants in London which are shocking the scene, and offering extraordinary dishes for the growing number of Londoners avoiding meat and dairy for plants, nuts, and grains. We can’t wait to see what else 2019 brings!

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