not all places are that impressive for tourists but it is a very interesting and diverse place to visit.


One of the best cities to visit in America if you love experiencing the city.
It’s very diverse and rich in history.

,United States

One of the most beautiful city in the world.
You can find almost anything you want in the city.
It’s gives the feel of what a true melting pot should be.

,United States

New York City has so many things to offer.
It has tall skyscrapers, diversity and anything you want is there.

They have beautiful attractions, theater and museums.
The only thing I really don’t like about NYC is the subways.
They’re dirty and outdated…

,United States

Nice city view when you are on top of those tall building like top of the rock and empire state building.

No matter morning or night. Go for the cruise is the best where you can enjoy a great look on all those famous building and liberty statue.

Li Kim

For the best experience, travel as the locals do – on the subways. I have been in New York City before and it was exhausting because I drove into the city.

Finding a parking space is possible but it is very expensive and can be quite hard to find. The last two times, We bought an unlimited metro pass for the week, which includes both the trains and buses. We also rented a car so that we could drive out of the city into the mountains to see the beautiful fall colors. However, it took 1 1/2 hours to get 13 miles because of the massive traffic so the car stayed parked most of the time. The subway made my travels part of the experience, instead of a headache to endure. No trip would be complete without going to Grand Central Station, this renovated building is definately magnificent.

We visited Central Park (over 800 acres) and Prospect Park (Brooklyn – over 400 acres). Both very beautiful and huge parks that give a wide variety of things to do and experiences to enjoy. I loved the horse & carriage ride, the pedicab tour and the time spent just walking through the parks. We enjoyed the waterfront parks and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. We also attended a couple of Broadway shows.

Take the boat to Liberty and Ellis Islands and enjoy learning about the history of the many immigrants to our country. I spent time researching and finding the passage documents for my grandparents and great grandparents who came from Europe.

Take the train out to Coney Island and enjoy the beach, the amusement park and, of course, Nathans original hot dog restaurant.

The shopping was fun and something for all different budgets.

We ate somewhere new each night and had a wonderful variety of food available for every budget. However, the best part was the people. They were so friendly and every time that we even looked like we might not know where we were, there was magically someone there asking if they could help us.

,United States

Loved NYC, loved the shopping, the sightseeing, the hustle and bustle of Times Square and to get away from it all go to the peace and tranquility and beauty of Central Park.


New York is full of things to do for almost anyone from anywhere. No matter what you are interested in doing, New York has it.

You will definitely enjoy your stay in New York.

,United States

Vibrant city that’s nice to visit, but unless you’re really into running the rat race it’s not a place I’d ever live.

Fun to see most of the New York stereotypes are completely accurate. It’s just like on TV!

,United States

Purchase sightseeing package to see different perspectives of NY. Take a bus ride and boat ride to see Manhattan differently.

Must see are Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Top of the ROck, Boat ride, Bus ride.

Take a day trip to Washington DC or Factory Outlet.

Teck Ling

I like to see how people dress and be themselves in NYC. I am not a big fan of big cities. Regardless, if you do not plan ahead and just let your instinct take you inside the city.

You might be more surprise. If you do not mind walking, it is the best way to see the charming part of the neighborhoods.


A city that never sleeps seems to really describe the area with broadway and off broadway theaters, restaurants and people enjoying the billboards around.

Best to enjoy during Spring and fall

De Leon

New York not only has the glass wall skyscrapers but also the classic brick or granite building with renaissance wall decorations.


The skyline is amazing in the evening. The skyscraper with all lights on tells you why here is called the center of the world.


Best city in whole world. Makes sure to spend at least 5-7 days in New York, avoid going on winter times, gets very cold.


Shopping malls in NY really offers discounted prices and good items. There’s a lot more to explore and visit.


Eventough NY is one of the most expensive city in the world, but i love this city so much and definetely will br back again someday


I think New York is a great city for entertainment, food, shopping and museums. I think my city Chicago is prettier and cleaner and not as expensive.

,United States

Big city, very crowded, lights never ends. They have everything in there, shopping, sightseeing, culinary, etc.


No matter what your interests are, New York will have something for you. It offers the best of the best on a level that no other city in the world can compete with.

Stay as long as you can, and be sure to get the hell out of Midtown.

,United States

Very exciting and full with skyscraper and billboards. Shopping is excellent and Central Park is stunning.


Very nice to visit and sightseeing. Trash is very noticeable and detracts from beauty of the city.

,United States

I was told the New Yorkers were cold. I think the opposite was the case. Everyone was very nice and friendly.

But of course it is very fast paced, what else would you expect? You need to keep up with the rhythm of the city to enjoy it.


NYC can only be glimpsed in 4 nights/5 days…you really need to stay up around Times Square if you have limited time.

But with the luxury of weeks, well head to the suburbs – Chelsea, Gramercy and south were the ones we enjoyed most, in the brief time we had there. Next time we’d take an apartment down that way and stay at least 2 weeks…SO much to do, and not all shopping (out of kilter for those from the southern hemisphere anyway).


Not the same like we imagine before, great architecture with a lot of historical building, old city but it is amazing.


NY.. people are very unkind and rude. they don’t like being asked.
they seem to be very busy. lots of beggars on the street.

the streets are littered with all kinds of garbages.
they are something like a symbom of unkindness. I hate “NY”.
some sell “I LOVE NY” like T-shirts, and other stuff at the shops.
I hate NY. dark and gloomy. people are unkind and rude everywhere.

,South Korea

New York is an interesting City. Although very crowded and busy, but for a tourist New York city is a city that must be visited.

The City is complete with a variety of entertaiment criteria.


So many historical places to see. So many shopping centers to choose from and lots of enjoyment to experience.


It was our first time to New York City. We decided to go on the hop on, hop off bus to get a good idea about the city.

We bought the 2-day pass and used it to many times in the 2 days.


There are lots to see and experience in New York. If your visit is only 3-5 nights, then focus on the monuments (Liberty Island tour, Brooklyn Bridge), historical buildings (Empire State, The Rockefeller Center – take the tour and go up to the Top of the Rock observation deck), 9/11 Museum, The Highlands walkway, Times Square.

More than 5 nights will give you more flexibility of watching Broadway, exploring Hell’s Kitchen restaurants, and Woodburry outlet in New Jersey.


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