Las Vegas is one of the most famous vacation destinations in the world. Sin City, as it is affectionately nicknamed, is a small universe of endless entertainment complete with hundreds of world-famous live shows, several theme parks, and some of the most extravagant hotels and casinos in the world.

Las Vegas is served by McCarran International Airport and Las Vegas Airport, located in North Las Vegas.

Of course gambling is the most prevalent activity in Vegas, but the city offers much more than that for those seeking a different sense of adventure and excitement. The city’s proximity to the Grand Canyon makes it a must-see for nature enthusiasts, and most of the casinos and hotels along the famous Strip also offer spectacular live shows and exhibits for those who aren’t interested in the gambling tables. Hotels on the famous Strip feature ongoing attractions such as a musical fountains and live shows, while the neon-illuminated pedestrian streets and Cirque du Soleil, dazzle people every night.

While Las Vegas is mostly synonymous with glamour and nighttime entertainment, the area is also a favorite among rugged outdoors enthusiasts. The desert is a visually stunning landscape and a great place for those interested in camping, hiking, or rock climbing at Red Rock Mountains, easily the best rock climbing experience in the country.

There’s much more to see and learn about Las Vegas, and the interactive map is a great way to continue uncovering all the important landmarks and attractions of this vibrant city.

We had a queen double room with plenty of space. There were four of us staying in there and we never felt cramped! The bathroom had a great mirror with a little magnifying mirror on the side that was very useful. The downstairs casino was very convenient and just the right size. We went to the pool often and it was a little crowded in the afternoons so get there early to get a spot in the shade!

We had to go gamble at other casinos where the slots were more friendly. You hardly see anyone winning at Harrahs. Its a nice place to stay but not play. The food is good but too pricey compared to other casinos. The Buffet should be half the price that it is to make it more affordable for families to stay there. Thank God for Denny’s next door when you have kids.

it’s a good place to go shopping at the outlet mall, both north and south.
and thing to see the water fountain dance at Bellagio. we watched during the day which was also good, but at night it would be better because of additional colorful lights.
casinos are a must visit.
if you got time do see the grand canyon. take a helicopter ride over the canyon and the dam.

Room, food and entertainment bargains abound. Yeah, Las Vegas is mostly about gambling and things that facilitate gambling, but there are tons of other activities to enjoy. E.g., i don’t know if they claim the title, but Las Vegas must be the Foot Massage capital of the world. There must be a thousand different spas around town offering an hourlong massage for twenty-two bucks. They call them ‘foot massages,’ but they pretty much massage your whole body. Unlike traditional Swedish massage, you don’t get undressed at these places. Just wear loose clothing. Also, please note: massesses expect about a 75% tip. Even with a $15 or $20 tip, I assert that an hour long foot massage is the best value in Las Vegas.

In that time we gambled, ate, saw a wedding, and had a double decker bus tour. The next 2 days we stayed at Mandalay Bay (which was beautiful but location was not as great as the Flamingo.) We took a bus tour to the grand canyon which was the most amazing experience of my life. We ate lots of food and gambled and caught the Thunder Down Under show at Excalibur. The last night we moved to the Rodeway Inn and spent New Years Eve on Fremont St. It is not for people who HATE crowds. It was AMAZING. Completely worth the money (if you know how to budget) My tip for everybody would be when you profit — CASH OUT and keep that money in a separate spot. Don’t gamble more than you can afford and you may come back with something 🙂

You can also shop till you drop or stay connected through the internet. I think it’s best to disconnect so you can forget about all the things you need to do. Las Vegas is great to go solo, as a couple or in a group. There are so many choices for excellent food that you will have trouble picking where to go. I have stayed at many different hotels and have not been disappointed with any of them. Competition keeps the hotels up-to-date to attract visitors. You can also explore the area for museums, antiques/collectibles and sightseeing tours to landmarks. I highly recommend Las Vegas for a short vacation to forget about the outside world.

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